What’s your latest published book?
A Little Taste of Poison, the sequel to A Pocket Full of Murder, was published in North America by Simon & Schuster in September 2016. There is no UK release date at this time.

I’m reading A Pocket Full of Murder. How do you pronounce “Isaveth”?
It rhymes with “Elizabeth”.

Will there be another book in the Ultraviolet series after Quicksilver?
I have no plans to write a third book at this time, chiefly because I don’t have any idea who or what it would be about. (Sebastian is a few years too old to be the narrator of a YA novel, alas!)

Will you be writing more faery books after Nomad ?
I’m happy to say that the answer is yes! Torch, the third and final book in the Flight and Flame Trilogy featuring Ivy of the Delve, will be published by Enclave Escape in Spring 2021, after their reprints of Swift and Nomad in the Fall and Winter of 2020.

It says in the back of my UK edition of Arrow that Swift was the last book in the Knife series.
Is that true?

That was a publisher’s error which has since been corrected. In fact, Arrow is the last book of the Knife series, while Swift is the first book of a separate (but related) trilogy about the piskeys and spriggans of Cornwall.

When will Arrow be available in the US?
US paperback and e-book editions were released by Enclave Publishing in April 2016. Buy links for Arrow can be found here.

Are Knife and Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter the same book? What about Rebel and Wayfarer?
They are the same, just with different titles and covers. Only a few words of British usage/slang were changed for the North American editions.

So why did they use to have two different titles?
For the first book, Knife was my original title; but my original US publisher felt it wasn’t the right choice for marketing the book, and they also wanted to emphasize the faery aspect of the series. So after much discussion we ended up with Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter instead. With the second book, the reverse happened. Wayfarer was my original title, and this time my US publisher was happy to keep it; but my UK publisher preferred Rebel, so we went with that. However, the new US paperbook and e-book editions from Enclave Publishing all use the UK titles.

Are your books published in any other languages?
Foreign rights for Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter and Wayfarer sold to Germany, Romania, Estonia, Turkey and Indonesia. Ultraviolet has also been published in Taiwan.



I’ve written a story / novel / some ideas. Can you read them and tell me if they’re any good?
Sadly, I can’t read or comment on anything written by my readers for legal reasons. I encourage aspiring authors to join a critique group in their area or on the Internet, where they can share their work with others and get suggestions on how to improve it. For young writers, Figment or Wattpad can be good places to start.

I am doing a project on you / your books for school. Can you answer some questions for me?
I’m honoured, but I hope you understand that if I spend my days helping readers with their homework, I won’t have time to write any more books! Fortunately, the answers you need aren’t hard to find. For personal information, you can consult my Biography page and check out some of the many Interviews I’ve done over the years. Or Google “R.J. Anderson” +”author”.

I sent you an e-mail today. How long until I receive a reply?
I generally try to answer all my mail within 4 – 6 weeks — sometimes sooner, sometimes later. If I’m busy working on a new book, it’s likely to be later. Sorry! But I do appreciate every letter that I receive.