First published in 2014 (UK only)
Reprint coming soon

“Powerful fantasy with excellent world-building and compelling characters.” 
− Peters Gazette

Exiled from her underground home by Betony, the jealous queen of the piskeys, Ivy sets out to make a new life for herself in the world above — a quest that leads her to mystery, adventure, and a hoard of spriggan treasure.

Yet a deadly poison still lingers in the Delve, and Ivy cannot bear to see her people suffering under Betony’s rule. Still, Betony will not give up her kingdom without a fight… and when her evil threatens the friends and family Ivy holds most dear, it will take all Ivy’s courage, daring and determination to save them.

“A fully-realized world [with] a great balance of action and romance… a delightful read.” 
− The Bookbag


Nomad - UK Cover



2014 UK paperback (out of print)
Illustration by Rory Kurtz


Nomad - Placeholder Cover

This book is currently out of print
but will be reprinted in Nov. 2020