Coming in Limited Edition Hardcover and
e-book in November 2020, paperback to follow

Indigo E-Book (all formats) 

“A fully-realized world [with]
a great balance of action and romance… a delightful read.” 

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Banished from her underground home by Betony, the queen of the Cornish piskeys, Ivy sets out to forge a new life for herself in the world above. But a deadly threat lingers in the mine, and Ivy cannot bear to see her people suffer while Betony refuses to believe. Somehow she must convince the queen to let them go.

Her mission only becomes more complicated when Ivy starts to dream of the ancient battles between her ancestors and the spriggan folk. Who is the strange boy in her visions? Could her glimpses of his past help Ivy find a new home for her fellow piskeys?

To find the answers, Ivy must outfly vicious predators, outwit cunning enemies, and overcome her own greatest fears. And when evil threatens the people Ivy loves best, it will take all her courage, faith, and determination to save them.

“Excellent world-building
and compelling characters.” 

− Peters Gazette

Cover of Nomad by R.J. Anderson


Nomad - UK Cover






2014 UK edition
(out of print)
Art by Rory Kurtz



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