First published in 2011 (UK and Canada)
First US edition April 2016 from Enclave (USA)

She swore never to shed blood.
But when a faery war threatens her home, the price of peace may be more than Rhosmari can pay…

For a thousand years the faeries known as the Children of Rhys have lived in safety on their magical islands, protected from the outside world. Yet a deadly conflict is brewing on the mainland, as the evil faery Empress gathers an army to destroy the brave rebels known as the Oakenfolk. And when Rhosmari’s betrothed Garan steals the sacred Stone of Naming and joins the rebels, she realizes that the only way to keep the Children of Rhys out of the war is to follow him and get the Stone back.

But the world beyond the Green Isles is more confusing than Rhosmari ever imagined, and Garan and the Oakenfolk are not easy to find. Every step she takes leads her deeper into danger, testing her courage and the beliefs she holds most dear. If she refuses to fight the Empress, she could end up dooming the whole rebel army… but if she breaks her oath of non-violence, she can never return to her home and people again. Can her new faery and human allies help Rhosmari choose the right path, or will she only end up pointing them all toward destruction?

“A wholly satisfying conclusion to the first two books.”
− Myths Like Moths


Rhosmari - German Cover



German Hardcover Edition
Illustration by Bente Schlick



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