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Sfumato Mid-ep for "Cipher". Facing Jack for the first time in twenty years, Irina muses on their shared past and the differences that separate them.
Consolation Prize* While driving Sydney home, Weiss attempts to find out what's troubling her -- with some surprising results. Post-ep for "Repercussions".
What You Never Knew You Wanted*
(7 chapters)
Faced with a situation she never anticipated, Sydney struggles between her feelings for Vaughn and her duty to Weiss.
A Man of His Word*
After a joint mission with Sydney and Vaughn goes horribly wrong, Weiss tries to help his two best friends pick up the pieces.

Doctor Who
Irresistible Force The Fifth Doctor gets a haircut, acquires a temporary new companion, and matches wits with a terrifying alien killer.
Moments of Truth During and after the events of "Dalek", the Ninth Doctor and Rose are forced to consider the nature of their relationship.
Blame Jackie Tyler feels responsible for her husband's death. How can she not?

Harry Potter
Bewitching the Mind,
Ensnaring the Senses*
When the young Severus Snape is caught with a secret, experimental potion, he is obliged to make a deal with James Potter that he will later come to regret.
First Impression As the eleven-year-old Harry dons the Sorting Hat, an embittered Snape reflects on the boy's likeness to his parents.
The Potions Master's
(3 chapters)
In Harry's fifth year a young blind woman comes to Hogwarts on a secret mission, only to find herself allied with the one man she has been warned not to trust.
Personal Risks*
(7 chapters)
Some disturbing revelations lead Maud Moody to question her confidence in Snape, while an unexpected crisis forces her to make a decision that could change both their lives.
The Thing With Feathers* Faced with an opportunity -- and a challenge -- he never anticipated, Severus Snape must decide whether to turn away, or to learn the meaning of hope. A companion piece to "Personal Risks". 
Cold Water* After the death of Sirius Black, Remus Lupin's private interview with an old schoolmate results in some painful but necessary soul-searching, and some surprising discoveries for both parties.
If We Survive*
(12 chapters)
As the second war against Voldemort begins, Maud and Snape must face an indefinite separation. Can their partnership endure the ultimate test? (AU as of HBP: the more canonical sequel is "Secrets and Lies".)
War Wounds* Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody tries to help a female friend recover from a painful experience, but gets somewhat more than he bargained for.
Opportunities* The walls have ears, and when the record of Luna's conversation with a wanted man reaches the Ministry, Hermione feels compelled to intervene.

House, M.D.
(4 chapters)
After three years of working with House, Allison Cameron has become a lot less predictable, and a lot more intriguing. But will House lose her before he can find out just how much she's changed?

Sherlock Holmes
The Case of the Winning Woman
(3 chapters, incomplete)
Victor Trevor has a happy, uncomplicated life at college, and his beloved twin sister Vita is equally secure at his aunt's country estate -- or so he believes until he meets the young Sherlock Holmes.

Star Trek
The Photogenic Captain With James T. Kirk's death on his conscience, John Harriman doubts his fitness as captain of the Enterprise. Can he overcome his guilt and rise to the challenge?

About Face What was Scully thinking after that New Year's kiss in "Millenium"? Mulder has a discouraging feeling that he knows -- but he's about to be proven wrong.
When Mulder loses all his personal recollections to a woman who feeds off her victims' memories, he is forced to re-evaluate his life, his beliefs, and his relationship with Scully.

* The events of subsequent canonical episodes/books contradicted these stories
after they were written; please consider them as Alternate Universe fics (AU).

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